What to expect

Who we are

We are ordinary people living ordinary lives, who share an extraordinary hope for peace, love and restoration of all that is broken in the world and in human lives. We gather in church to worship the God who gives us this hope and to strengthen each other as we seek to make it a reality in our lives.

We are a friendly and sociable bunch, who can't wait to mingle and share tea and coffee again. Under current regulations we are not allowed to socialise inside the building and only chat in small groups outside the church. But new faces are, of course, just as welcome as always and we'll make sure you know how everything works and are as happy as ever to be in touch for longer conversations in other ways if you leave contact details.

What are services like?

Our worship is relatively quiet and meditative. It is an opportunity to leave the business and stress of the everyday behind, become still and listen out for God's guidance. In our regular weekly services, we acknowledge our need for God's grace, pray for and receive God's forgiveness, listen to readings from the Bible and reflections on what those mean for us now, and pray for the needs of the world. In Holy Communion services we share bread (and in non-pandemic times wine) in memory of Jesus' death and resurrection, as he taught his disciples at his last supper with them. We get sent out into the world with God's blessing. So there is space for listening, space for saying prayers together (don't worry, words are provided), space for quiet reflection, and sometimes listening to music. Most of our services use the Common Worship liturgies, and if you are curious about the details, you can check them out here.

The nuts & bolts

Where and when?

We meet in St Michael's Church in Helston at 9.30am on Thursdays and 8.00am and 9.30am on Sundays. Sunday services in Wendron start at 10.30. Other services for special occassions are advertised on our calendar and events pages. People tend to arrive about five minutes or so before the service starts.
For directions, have a look here.

What to bring/what to wear

There is no legal requirement anymore to wear face masks, but they are still recommended in enclosed spaces, especially when singing takes place. In order to allow those who are medically more vulnerable to attend and be as safe as possible, we urge everyone to continue wearing masks for now.
There is no such thing as a dress code, people mostly wear whatever they normally wear when out and about For some people that's a suit, for others jeans and T-shirt. It is useful to keep in mind that our churches are listed building, and as such are wonderfully atmospheric but not terribly easy to heat, especially when we try to keep windows or doors open as Covid precaution. So in cold weather an extra layer might come in handy.
If you would like to make a donation, please be advised that unfortunately we cannot take cards. Anything you need to follow the service will be printed in the booklets and hymn books provided. (If you get lost, just ask, and if you feel self-conscious, singing is optional.)

Any other questions

Please don't hesitate to get in touch. There's a range of contact details of people who are more than happy to give further info here.


Most of all, we are looking forward to meeting you.