What to expect - Lockdown edition

This would normally be the place where we would tell you what to expect when you walk into one of our churches for a Sunday morning service. At the moment, our buildings are closed, but the church is very much open, because the church consists of people, and we are still here, seeking ways to live out our faith and serve our communities.

Who we are

We are ordinary people living ordinary lives, who share an extraordinary hope for peace, love and restoration of all that is broken in the world and in human lives. We gather in church or online to worship the God who gives us this hope and to strengthen each other as we seek to make it a reality in our lives.
We are a friendly and sociable bunch, who can't wait to be able to not only worship together but also chat and share tea and coffee in person again. In the meantime we stay in touch with each other online and on the phone. If you'd like to meet us, contact us for the zoom link to our weekly After Church Zoom cuppa on Sundays between 10.30 and 11.30 am. New faces are just as welcome as always, and questions and suggestions are encouraged.


While our buildings are closed for public worship, pre-recorded Sunday services remain available on our YouTube channel and facebook group. You can check out our backlock of recorded services, some from our churches and some from our ministers' homes or wait for the most current ones to appear on Sundays.
Our worship is relatively quiet and meditative. It is an opportunity to leave the business and stress of the everyday behind, become still and listen out for God's guidance. Together, we acknowledge our need for God's grace, pray for and receive God's forgiveness, listen to readings from the Bible and reflections on what those mean for us now, and pray for the needs of the world. In Holy Communion - whether we are able to receive bread and wine or whether we witness it online - we remember how Jesus gave himself for us and saved us in his death and resurrection. We get sent out into the world with God's blessing. So there is space for listening, space for quiet reflection and for prayer, and sometimes listening to music.
If you would like to join in with the prayers, you can find the wording of the liturgy for Holy Communion services here.

What else?

Check out our facebook group for St Michael's Helston and our facebook page for St Wendrona's Wendron for updates and socialising. Canon David also sends out a weekly email with updates and spiritual impulses. If you would like to receive these emails, please contact him on millerourrectory@googlemail.com to be added to the list.

What to expect
We are a friendly bunch and want to make it easy for you to join us