Who’s Who?


Team Rector               Canon David Miller, St Michael’s Rectory Church Lane, Helston, (572516)

                                     Email millerourrectory@googlemail.com

Asst Priest                  Revd. Dorothy Noakes, 6 Tenderah Road Helston (573239)

Reader [Helston]        Mrs. Betty Booker 6, Brook Close, Helston (562705)

                                                               ST MICHAEL’S CHURCH, HELSTON

Churchwardens           Mr John Boase  11,Cross Street, Helston TR13 8NQ    (01326 573200)

                                       A vacancy exists to fill the post of the 2nd warden since the  retirement of Mr Peter Jewell

 Organist                        Mr Richard Berry

Treasurer                       Mrs Nicola Boase 11 Cross Street, Helston TR13 8NQ    01326 573200

PCC Secretary              Mrs Amanda Pyers

                                                            ST  WENDRONA’S CHURCH, WENDRON

Churchwardens              Mrs. Anne Veneear, 4 Tenderah Road, Helston  (569328)mjjjjjjufffttf

                                          Mr. Bevan Osborne, East Holme, Ashton, TR13 9DS (01736 762349)

Organist                            Mrs. Anne Veneear, -as above.

Treasurer                           Mr Bevan Osborne, - as above

PCC Secretary                  Mrs. Henrietta Sandford, Trelubbas Cottage, Lowertown, Helston TR13 0BU (565297)



PCC Members St Michael’s Helston

Canon David Miller-Chairperson

Rev Dorothy Noakes (P/b)                  

Mrs Betty Booker Lay-Reader (B&P/b)      

Mr John Boase- Churchwarden (B)

Mrs Nicola Boase-Treasurer                                                            

Mrs Amanda Pyers-Secretary                       

Mr Michael Thorn(B & Deanery Synod)

Mr Peter Jewell (B)

Mr Richard Berry(B)                                       

Mrs Jean Williams  (I)

Mrs Heather Thorn (I)

Mrs Elizabeth Davis (I)                           Committees: B=Buildings, I=Internal Affairs, , P/b=Playbox 

Mrs Marjorie Searle(I)

Mr Michael Thomas

Mr Jake Holyer

Ms Louise Douglas  (I)                                                          

 CMS Link- Mary Charnock, Susan Summers.

Junior Church-Beccy Miller,  Sandy Windsor,

Electoral Roll Officer- Sandra Chambers.

Safeguarding officer – Bob Woods

Magazine Editor - Simon Roach Whealhaven, Clodgey Lane, Helston TR138PJ (01326561067)                            simonroach@talktalk.net

Helston & Wendron Mothers Union Branch Leader/Enrolling Member.-Mrs Kathleen Oliver, 10 Castel Wary Close, Helston TR138SF 01326 573256

 New Members are always welcome!! Please contact Kath if you wish to join

St Wendrona’s PCC Wendron

Canon David Miller-Chairperson

Mr Bevan Osborne – Churchwarden/Treasurer/Deanery & Diocesan Synod

Mrs Anne Veneear - Churchwarden

Mrs Isobel Osborne- Deanery Synod

Mrs Henrietta Sandford – Secretary      

Mr Philip Haywood, 

Mr Bob Ayres

Mrs Jennifer Haywood

Mrs Carol Bryans

Mrs Sue Spencer Electoral Roll Officer (not on the PCC)